Images: Henriette Amlie Kalbekken

Yesterday I found these nice hooks. I think they normally are used as knobs to cabinets etc. But they work just as well on the wall, as decoration. And they are cheap too! You can buy 6 of these instead of 1 dot from Muuto. Today I`m starting to paint the wall in our hall. Looking forward to show you the fresh color.








Images: Henriette Amlie K

Finally! Soon finished with my new bedroom (and I’m starting to love it!) Feels like Im in New York when I go to bed. What a great feeling. I`ve been painting the small wall behind my bed in this matte black color to make a contrast in this very white room with big windows. I bought the “night table” at IKEA for 259, – which is actually a kitchen shelf. But it fits perfectly in my bedroom. Do you like it?

Have a wonderful monday!



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Igår var jeg på et relativt stort loppemarked. Fant meg blandt annet denne lampen som jeg fort skjønte kunne bli ganske fresh med litt spraylakk. Den er visstnok veldig gammel, men med litt pussepapir og lakk ble den som ny.


Yesterday I was at the flea market and found the coolest lamp.  I sanded it down and sprayed it gray. Perfect as a bedside lamp and a super easy DIY.








Se på denne nydelige leiligheten her som ligger ute for salg på Ai, disse har jammen smak de som bor her. Utrolig lekkert – jeg hadde lett flyttet rett inn. Leiligheten er utrolig flott i seg selv, både med planløsningen og beliggenheten på st.haugen. Fantastiske fargekombinasjoner. Sukker for øynene.


Before and after – Bedroom

Foto: SNE eiendom

Foto: SNE eiendom



Photo: Henriette A Kalbekken

So; Our bedroom then. It was therefore paneling on one wall. Coating on the floors that were cruel, blue walls with floral pattern. Lighting which firstly was not particularly cozy, not to mention fine.

What we started here as in the rest of the apartment was adding new walls were smooth . Painted these white and tore the panel wall – so we got up concrete wall back there. And it was delicious as it was, but we saw ourselves forced to paint it due to the dust from the concrete. So when I went for a dark gray color as a contrast.

Then we added a new floor , same here as in the other bedroom . Whitewashed oak floors.

We switched lamp to shine with scorn dimming for more light . Put into Elfa closets in the wall behind the door. (It was common standard white cabinets there) How was our bedroom to finish. These are pictures prospectus , so here it is scrutinized part of interior design, pictures etc. Made into a minimalist bedroom tidy without much interiordetails.


Before and after – kidsroom

Foto: SNE eiendom

Foto: SNE eiendom

Photo: Henriette Amlie Kalbekken

Photo: Henriette Amlie Kalbekken

When we moved into this apartment we live in now, we were aware that there was a lot we wanted to do with the apartment to get it the way we wanted and would thrive. Not too drastic changes, but alike significant wealth for our well-being.

The oldest little boy’s room was the laminate coating and boring oak tree on the walls and around door frames. (oak makes me a stomach ache!) So this was the very first thing we did, let new walls throughout the apartment (it was taped with flower pattern), then we bought white painted moldings for the entire apartment.


This morning

Foto: Henriette Kalbekken

Foto: Henriette Kalbekken // Bildet ble dessverre litt uklart- ikke bare å få tatt bilde i en travel småbarnsmorgen med barneromper som roper mamma….

This morning when I woke up it was something special. Just like I … Yeah , I do not know … The delicious light glimpsed at me while I could see the contrast in the bedroom – it was so delicious. The thoughts were swirling and I dreamed myself away until I suddenly got a child’s hand slapped in my face while a voice in the background fussed about that I had to get up … Oh, I could probably lain there all day dragged me , dreamed myself away , thinking everything and nothing. (which I mostly do all the time )
Back to reality ! Now I sit on guardians , read the exam. Examination of approx . 1,2,3 months . Do not feel ready. Absolutely not. I work with the task to Art School – and the most important … Feel like a fish out in the ocean swimming and swimming but never finds .

But I will !

I was lucky enough to get happy lights in the record of ! I have as you can see , they placed over the bed in the bedroom Beside HAY mirror. Was not it nice ? They provide perfect and lovely light , so they fit perfectly into the bedroom for reading . These can be used as the very .. The moves certainly eventually . So stay tuned !